Redcorvette Tuesdays (via Friday): Fashion Killa- A$ap Rocky starring Rihanna

I absolutely love this song and adore this video. I hope that one day my true love is just as much of a (vintage) fashion killa as myself.


Sadite Diary: 10 things I learned about myself this Summer

10 Things I learned about myself this SUMMER….

(1) Music and recorded interviews (mainly about other peoples thee successes/passions) are a lot more soothing to my soul than venting.  They are inspiring and motivational.

(2) I can’t wear all the hats of running a successful store front and online VINTIQUE (Vintage Boutique). I NEED HELP

(3) I REACT before thinking things through causing me to look like a crazy fool.  So NOT COOL Carmena…

(4) “I am on a quest FOR Real LOVE…” , not uber obsessed with finding love or thirsty.

(5) QUARTER LIFE crisis’ are not Rare. They happen to show up anytime after the day you turn 25.

(6) Since I moved back to the Bay Area, I may have to stop thinking that I can just pick up every friendship that I had before I left  like it was yesterday.  Three years have passed and maybe we grew apart or am I just being emotional.

(7) I entertain other people’s BS, especially males, because it’s somewhat interesting but nevertheless stressful.  This type of stress distracts me from my goal.

(8) I am more happy with my friends and family, than struggling and driving in LA by myself. I do miss the events and the friends that I did make.

(9) I need to step my hustle back up.  Not working for the past 3 years , trying to make up for the things I couldn’t afford in school, and hanging is making me question my hustle.



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PS: I want a DJ mentor.