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Redcorvette Tuesdays: K. Michelle, Trap Lord, and Terrace Martin

This week I am so happy with my musical playlist and practice crates I could scream.  Ha. I have been waiting for releases of A$AP Ferg’s album and thee only talented chic on reality TV, K. Michelle, to drop her debut album.  Other releases such as the Talented Terrace Martin’s 3ChordFold with few features.

I am so happy that K. Michelle finally dropped her album Rebellious Soul.  I remember when she first dropped her popular single, I think it was either I Just Can’t Do This or Fallin’, and disappeared.  Now she’s back with a full length album, Rebellious Soul, featuring soulful street ballads and my jam V.S.O.P expressing how to have a great time turning up with her guy friend/man.  With only feature, Rebellious Soul reflects K. Michelle’s talent and her reasons for REBELLION.

Terrace Martin’s 3ChordFold is a juxtaposition of jazz, hip hop, and R&B featuring artist such as Problem, Ty$, and Lalah Hathaway over continuous jazz melodies performed by Martin himself.  3ChordFold examines Love from many angles in which we all can relate.  Using the metaphor’s such as the Freeloder, Renter, and Buyer, Martin poetically expresses how wanting different in love, faithfulness, and taking a love for granted are all facets when on a quest for REAL TRUE Love.  I just love every track on this album especially the poetry that leads from one chord to the next.

Lastly, I am also listening to TRAP LORD, A$AP Ferg’s debut album.  I was more attracted to the A$AP mobs style and steez before the music.  As trap music became more popular, I started to follow the group and became a fan.  I wake up to WORK (remix) and go to sleep to Sha Shabba Ranks. Ha.  But I also like Hood Pope, F**k Outta My Face, and Murda Something  off Trap Lord. Fergie


Sadite Diary: 10 things I learned about myself this Summer

10 Things I learned about myself this SUMMER….

(1) Music and recorded interviews (mainly about other peoples thee successes/passions) are a lot more soothing to my soul than venting.  They are inspiring and motivational.

(2) I can’t wear all the hats of running a successful store front and online VINTIQUE (Vintage Boutique). I NEED HELP

(3) I REACT before thinking things through causing me to look like a crazy fool.  So NOT COOL Carmena…

(4) “I am on a quest FOR Real LOVE…” , not uber obsessed with finding love or thirsty.

(5) QUARTER LIFE crisis’ are not Rare. They happen to show up anytime after the day you turn 25.

(6) Since I moved back to the Bay Area, I may have to stop thinking that I can just pick up every friendship that I had before I left  like it was yesterday.  Three years have passed and maybe we grew apart or am I just being emotional.

(7) I entertain other people’s BS, especially males, because it’s somewhat interesting but nevertheless stressful.  This type of stress distracts me from my goal.

(8) I am more happy with my friends and family, than struggling and driving in LA by myself. I do miss the events and the friends that I did make.

(9) I need to step my hustle back up.  Not working for the past 3 years , trying to make up for the things I couldn’t afford in school, and hanging is making me question my hustle.



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PS: I want a DJ mentor.

Redcorvette Tuesdays: HBK Gang Forever, Control, and a few others.


I know I have been slacking and a lot has changed since me first mentioning that I was aspiring to become a Femme DJ.  I came up with a name, REDCORVETTE (inspired by open bar on Curren$y’s song “She Don’t Want A Man“), most djay’s put the DJ in front and I just wanted to drop it because I really think thee name is DOPE without the DJ in front.  I DJay’d a couple parties and looking forward to more ( I want to dj fashion, culture, art, and boutique events and after parties.  Maybe even tour the world with an male/female music artist.  My crates consist of a lot of hip hop, trap/Bay Area Slaps, soul, and old-school jams (circa 1960’s- early 00’s).  With that said,  I wanted to start bringing a weekly posts about what I am listening to musically , adding to my crates, and what other singles, verses, or chorus’ has been bubbling in my pop culture hemisphere.

The HBK Gang released their highly anticipated (atleast by me) Gang Forever Mixtape yesterday.  A free tape of BAY SLAPs with Iamsu,  HBK Skip, K00l J0hn Sage the Gemini, Kehlani (who I have been wanting to hear more of) and a the rest of the gang,  beats produced by The Invasion and AKA Frank.  Gang Forever just makes me want to dance at a Ol’ G house party/Black Saturday and sweat my natural out. Ha.

Click HERE for the download

HBK_Gang_Gang_Forever-front-large Continue reading

Sadite Diary: Wedding TURNup


This weekend I had the chance to witness the union between my good friend Ashley (Buford) Haynes and her husband Desmond Haynes.  I have been knowing this girl for ages.  We met on a pop warner cheer team and have been friends ever since.  I attended with my friends Kimiko, Baby Jason, and Ashley (pictured above).  She was such a gorgeous bride, Desmond smiled and held her hand then entire ceremony and their daughter Bryton was such a precious happy baby. Being that she is the first of my real good friends to get married shows I too can and will find happiness with thee man of my dreams.  Continue reading