Redcorvette Tuesdays (via Friday): Fashion Killa- A$ap Rocky starring Rihanna

I absolutely love this song and adore this video. I hope that one day my true love is just as much of a (vintage) fashion killa as myself.


Redcorvette Tuesdays: Mistah Fab on the 105.1 Breakfast Club

Happy to see Mistah FAB on the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club.  I really liked Kreayshawn’s interview but I grew up listening to Mistah FAB and I also saw how he was portrayed as an angry rapper just reacting to everything thrown at him.  In this interview, Fabby Davis seems to have matured and is back to battle rapping.

Click Here to watch the full interview

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iPHONEtograpy: Just Be Cool Pool Party

Hair: Natural Bad Hair Day…lol Snapback: Mitchell & Ness Shirt: DIY cut-out Shorts: H & M Shoes: Maddison Harding

It’s middle of September and it’s still 90 + degrees outside.  Please help us!!! Nonetheless thee pool parties are still jumping.  Recently hit up the Just Be Cool pool party at the standard hotel in Hollywood.  Met some cool people listened to some good music and was told that I should start my own clothing line based on the shirt that I made alone. :-/  Something I have considered but never acted upon because I think of myself as more of a creative director.

OH YEAH… I was recently used in a article over at… Go check out Modern Day Hippie Post!!!

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Flower Power

Went to sleep in LA woke up in SAN FRANCISCO for family fun.  My aunt, uncle, and cousins that live in BERLIN came into town as they do every summer and we took updated family photos.  Thee weather has been really weird rainy, sunny, and breezy and I, still in LA mode, had on a dress. Thee day was fun and ended with an evening of friends, drinks on Valencia and 16th, and San Francisco madness as usual.

Sitting on my Great Grandmother ENOLA D. MAXWELL’s memorial.  I love this piece…

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Took a break for personal reasons but I am back and finally opened up thee HIPPIE Phile (my online boutique).  Anywho…

Everytime I hit the July DTLA Artwalk it’s always madness check out some of the photos that I snapped while trying to enjoy my beer and find art since most of thee galleries got shut down do to the CHALK Riot.

yes they started OCCUPYING…lol

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