Redcorvette Tuesdays: HBK Gang Forever, Control, and a few others.


I know I have been slacking and a lot has changed since me first mentioning that I was aspiring to become a Femme DJ.  I came up with a name, REDCORVETTE (inspired by open bar on Curren$y’s song “She Don’t Want A Man“), most djay’s put the DJ in front and I just wanted to drop it because I really think thee name is DOPE without the DJ in front.  I DJay’d a couple parties and looking forward to more ( I want to dj fashion, culture, art, and boutique events and after parties.  Maybe even tour the world with an male/female music artist.  My crates consist of a lot of hip hop, trap/Bay Area Slaps, soul, and old-school jams (circa 1960’s- early 00’s).  With that said,  I wanted to start bringing a weekly posts about what I am listening to musically , adding to my crates, and what other singles, verses, or chorus’ has been bubbling in my pop culture hemisphere.

The HBK Gang released their highly anticipated (atleast by me) Gang Forever Mixtape yesterday.  A free tape of BAY SLAPs with Iamsu,  HBK Skip, K00l J0hn Sage the Gemini, Kehlani (who I have been wanting to hear more of) and a the rest of the gang,  beats produced by The Invasion and AKA Frank.  Gang Forever just makes me want to dance at a Ol’ G house party/Black Saturday and sweat my natural out. Ha.

Click HERE for the download


Last Night, although I didn’t get to see Big Sean at the BROOKLYN Circus Block Party I am guessing Funk Master Flex drops a song from the Hall of Fame album featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica.  Kendrick killed thee song, calling out thee illest of the elite rappers in hip hop and warning that he is playing no games.

Click HERE to Listen

I also listed the 5 more mixtapes that I will be downloading:

Jet Life Recording$ Presents: Red Eye Mixtape

Jim Jones Vampire Life III


Cannon and Drama Presents: Boss Yo Life Up Gang

Joey Badass: Summer Knights

Chanel West Coast: Now You Know…. (Don’t Judge me, I want femme rappers to WIN)



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