Sadite Diary: Wedding TURNup


This weekend I had the chance to witness the union between my good friend Ashley (Buford) Haynes and her husband Desmond Haynes.  I have been knowing this girl for ages.  We met on a pop warner cheer team and have been friends ever since.  I attended with my friends Kimiko, Baby Jason, and Ashley (pictured above).  She was such a gorgeous bride, Desmond smiled and held her hand then entire ceremony and their daughter Bryton was such a precious happy baby. Being that she is the first of my real good friends to get married shows I too can and will find happiness with thee man of my dreams. 

They were so happy the entire time and I was so glad I was in attendance.  I DID NOT CATCH thee BOUQUET but my friend Fatimah (who was a bridesmaid and I think is the next chic to get married) went down and came up passing off flowers to us.  LOL. And of course thee guys kept their hands in their pockets as the garter was flung in the air (I never understand why they front). All in all, I got to see some old friends, eat a great cuisine, and dance to some good ol’ MAC DRE while the Alabama guys snickered at our throwback turn-up.  After midnight, we headed to a local club in San Francisco to continue the party and the rest is history.

Below are just a few iPhone pictures that were taken.  I will be sure to post better pictures at a later date:

L-R: Fatimah, Thee Bride, Ashley G., and I

photo 4

L-to-R: Fatimah, Ashley G., Kimko, and I

photo 2

Of course I am the weird one photo 3  L-to-R: Me, Ashley, and Fatimah at thee Cellar

photo 1


PS; I didn’t get a great full body but my outfit details are as follows…

Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Zara


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