My NATURAnniversary Month

October 28th marks my first year NATURAnniversary.  Although I did my big chop March 2009 I wore weaves to grow my hair and finally parted ways with my 22 inch INDOasian last year just before Halloween.  I was just tired of my hair being unhealthy although it was always braided up and I just wanted to finally have control of my hair.  It was tough in the beginning I even relapsed and got a weave twice since being natural but I have been pretty content with my natural thee last 4 months. Also, I am close to having staple wash day and styling regimens. yeeee

I will dedicating a few posts to my NATURAL HAIR Journey this month may even drop a video.  :-/

’08 Pre-Cut

My hair was red and I was rocking waves and a blunt cut at times.

’09 Big Chop… All the way natural… no make-up or perm lol

’09 Twisted up… My Nappy or Not Days

Inbetween stage

My first picture taken with my NATURAL