Phile Light: Myisa Plancq Photography

This week I wanted to put  the Phile LIGHT on my good friend (of many many years) Myisa of Myisa Plancq Photography.  We’ve been knowing eachother for years sharing the love  of creativity and art.  She’s recently moved back to CALI I am happy that we are now working together as a WARDROBIST and Photographer duo… Myisa’s inspiration of small imperfections has joined us together to create great photos. She has even encouraged me to become confident about my work and inspired me  to STYLE again.

Please check my girl Myisa out.

Website: MyisaPlancq

Like her on Facebook: Myisa Plancq Photography

InstaGram: @seesa2186

styled by yours truly


Earrings by Thomiworld Accessories

Smooches & Dueces by Brook Bourgeoisie



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