Bells on Venice

Saturday my friend and I took a trip to Venice Beach for a Nasty Gal friends and family shopping event.  Although there was  an open bar, nasty price ($5 per piece and $20 shoes), and dope tunes I was pretty bummed that I decided to get there later in the day after lunch.  I missed all the $20 Jeffrey Campbell’s mainly the abundance of FOXY’s and Tardies (thee latest JC’s on my SHOEdar… lol) that I saw in every chics GUARDED box… yes these chics were hovering over there boxes and bags of NASTY finds.  I did luck up on a dress and Fatimah found four.

Next time around I will be early and on NASTY shoe ALERT.

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PHILE Light: C8C S ’12 Lookbook, P+D Boutique, and Maricela Marcel

FINALLY finally finally thee homies over at Cre8tive Class (C8C), Oakland based lifestyle brand, have released the SUMMER 2012 C8C lookbook and OPENED up shop to the public since being off the  KILT tour.

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PHILE OP: Downtown SF

Hair: Two-Strand Twists Hat and Sweater: XXI Tights: Betsey Shorts: Levi’s Top and
Purse: Thrifted Boots: UO

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This had been a day full of errands and accomplishments.  Hung out with my moms and sister running to the art stores, Mission High to confirm my little sisters acceptance to Lincoln University (whoop whoop!!!), even squeezed a little thrifting and fabric shopping in.

Weather was very blaaaah so I just threw on anything.  YES this is what anything looks like.

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Flower Power

Went to sleep in LA woke up in SAN FRANCISCO for family fun.  My aunt, uncle, and cousins that live in BERLIN came into town as they do every summer and we took updated family photos.  Thee weather has been really weird rainy, sunny, and breezy and I, still in LA mode, had on a dress. Thee day was fun and ended with an evening of friends, drinks on Valencia and 16th, and San Francisco madness as usual.

Sitting on my Great Grandmother ENOLA D. MAXWELL’s memorial.  I love this piece…

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Took a break for personal reasons but I am back and finally opened up thee HIPPIE Phile (my online boutique).  Anywho…

Everytime I hit the July DTLA Artwalk it’s always madness check out some of the photos that I snapped while trying to enjoy my beer and find art since most of thee galleries got shut down do to the CHALK Riot.

yes they started OCCUPYING…lol

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