I don’t know how many times I have said that I love GENEVA’s project from A Pair & a Spare  (AP&AS) but I do and I also like Honestly WTF DIYs .  Been eyeing a few projects and inspiration from thee two sites and mixed with my creativity and such I finally completed them LAST NIGHT….

LAST night, wore out from this weeks work load, I unloaded my stress into a night of crafts starting with AP&AS PASTEL SLING BACK PUMPS.  These neon slings have been with me since I first started wearing heels (’07/ ’08) and I have not had thee urge to give them away…. Maybe because they are green suede (which is hard to come by) or IDK.:


A Pair of Pumps/Flats

– Acrylic Paint

(one white as a primer, thee other color of your choice)

-Masking Tape

-Painting Tools (brushes, cup of water, etc…)

1. Place masking tape over the front of the shoe depending where you want to start painting. For straight and neat lines.

2. Secondly, paint with white in the marked off as a base for brighter color. (repeat once)

3. Then, PAINT COLOR COAT (x2) then let air dry.

4. Take tape off and touch up thee little areas that didn’t get painted for cleaner look.


My second project of thee night was a simple HEX NUT Braided Bracelet inspired by HONESTLY WTF.  I love accessories but I hardly buy them because I like unique ones that are hard to come by.  Mainly bracelets/bangles and rings although lately I have been into watches.  ANYwho a quick simple CHIC bracelet.


-Twine, cording, or shoestring. (Whatever you may desire)

– BRASS Hex Nuts

( I had this problem  earlier but no it doesn’t matter what sizes depends how thing your cording is)

1. Measure out 3 strands to fit you wrist.  (Make sure the first strand is double the size of what you measured in order to have room to tie on to wrist.).

2. Tie the three strands together, then start braid off

3. Once your well into the middle of the braid.  Start to add HEX NUTS in one by one. Push Hex Nut up thee right strand… Hold HEX NUT in place and braid over towards the middle of the braid. Repeat on opposite side until all nuts are used.

For a better description click HERE

4. When finished with all HEX NUTS in place, continue to braid until you get to the end

5. Knot it.



2 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT Crafting

  1. Cool, I like both of these projects! I think the shoes would look cool with the soles painted to match the toes. (although that’s probably just stuck in my head because I saw a sole painting tutorial on Pinterest!) Great blog!

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