DIY: Racer-back T-Shirt Dress

Went thrifting last week and walked into a greatest sale of the month at thee VAN NUYS Salvation ARMY.  Stumbled into so many great pieces and out of the 10 I picked up I planned 3 DIY projects.  FIRST up is my T-shirt DRESS.  Spring/Summer is coming so fast and what better than to prepare by modernizing t-shirts and cut-off shorts.

Couldn’t wait to cut this T-Shirt into something.  It took me all but 15 minutes to create and I am so grateful for my sewing machine.


– 1 Over-sized T-Shirt


-Sewing machine (only if you want the dress to be BODY CON-like)

1. Fit your T-shirt to the body.   Take a measuring tape measure original waist and hips against T-shirt.

2. Mark with ruler and permanent marker, then cut and sew against the marks made.

3. Cut the desirable shape that you like.  In my case since I kinda screwed up and rushed.  I cut  my tee into a tank and used scrap for a racer-back.


jacket: LEVI dress: DIY socks: XXI sneaks:CONVERSE


PS: hope to get someone to take pics of me soon until then BARE with me


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