DIP DYED madness…

Finally got my fingers on a pair of VINTAGE Guess jeans.. Yes the ones with the UPSIDE DOWN Triangle and question mark patch.  Decided to cut them up and dye them… Inspired by SoCAL weather and thee many peeps I follow on tumblr… Here is my version of DIPPED DYED CUT-off shorts…


-Your Choice of DENIM

-1-3 buckets depending on your colors

-DYE ( Rit, iDye, or any other cool fabric dyes)

-Vinegar and Salt


1. Cut the denim to thee length that you feel comfortable.  I like my shots really short but I cut them so that I can fold them depending on how I feel.

2. For best results…SO I HEAR… wash shorts with dye and 1/2 cup of Vinegar… In thee case that I wanted multiple colors I poured  each dye in a bucket of of steaming hot water, 1/2 cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of SEA SALT.

3. Then DIP baby DIP… REPEAT depending on how many colors your using.

4. RINSE with cold water then let air dry.

DON’T know if they will blead but in that case for the first wash…WASH ALONE!!!


RIT Kelly Green and iDYE Pumpkin



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