BACK with DIY Fever!!! DIY Varsity DENIM Jacket

Been gone for a minute but NOW I AM BACK more inspiration than before.  I want to focus THEEHIPPIEFILES better rather than be here and there with my posts… May throw in a few little DIARY posts or monthly rap-ups but for now I am sticking to VINTAGE Finds and DIY…

Without further A-Do…

DIY Varsity DENIM Jacket

Had this really ugly DENIM jacket that I bought from H& M a couple of years ago which I almost trashed.  Instead I made it wearABLE again.

1. FIRST Icut thee parts of thee Jacket that you want to distress… Along the back of the NECK the shoulders and that ugly crease that I couldn’t get rid of at the bottom.

2.  Wash coat!!

3.  LASTLY, Stitch on your patch or letters or PIN thee pins that you want to DRESS your coat with.


A bunch of pins I collected including Creative Class, Stay Humble, and others from thee MAGIC convention….

Quck SNAP of me wearing thee JACKET….

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