DIARY: NEW Career Beginnings


So I have been deprived of my INTERNET ACCESS thee last couple of days… sad I know but in other news I FINALLY LANDED A JOB that I THINK I AM GOING TO LOVE.  Thanks to my cousin JOSEPH for introducing me to CURE/LIBERTY LOVE I am now their logistics specialists.  I am basically thee back end for shipping wholesale, for this private label company, to it’s destination.  Scheduling, DATA Entry and minor packing everything SHIPPING.  yes

Although I love my co-workers at EILATAN and thee shoes I wasn’t fulfilled career wise and wanted MORE.  I have a passion for style and love FASHION so I want to explore more than in-store RETAIL I want corporate experience and  have goals to exceed.  Moving to LA is part of my journey in embarrassing success.  SO I know working for CURE will be the beginning of my CAREER endeavors.  Just a little something I wanted to share.

DAY 2 

scarf/jacket/boots: URBAN OUTFITTERS sweater: XXI jeans: H&M

PS: follow me on tumblr and instaGRAM theehippiefiles


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