Been held up in thee month of FEBRUARY with DIY projects I wanted to complete. But I just haven’t gotten around to them or I didn’t finish them up.  BUT I promise to deliver by thee end of thee thee week.

BUT FIRST inspiration:

DOOR LOCK NECKLACE.  I am going to purchase a door lock from a hardware store and some chain links from DOWNTOWN LA’s Alley.  Add chain to thee mounting openings…voila!!

DISTRESSED DENIM JACKET.  I started this project and will report it once I finished but basically I cut the parts of the jacket that I wanted distressed and washed it.  via aPAIR & aSPAIR

EMBELLISHED VEST.  Will be picking up some cool embellishments beads and such to add to a vintage vest.  I also have a Letterman panel that I may sew on to thee jacket too.

DOUBLE PRINT TROUSERS.  I am sure if I cut two pairs of printed pairs of trousers and hem them together it will turn out just like these.

BOW TURBAN.  Just wrap my head with some stray DOPE fabs I have in my cabinet and tie into BOW.

ANKLE CUFFS.  Been searching high and low for a decent pair of POINTED TOE PUMPS just so I can make these cuffs out of leather or some type of metal that is comfortable.

AMERICAN FLAG.  This summer I will DIY some shorts, a coat or vest with thee AMERICAN FLAG either spray painted, sewed, or dye’d.  NO TELLING I may add thee FILIPINO FLAG to a few garments also.

STUDDED DENIM.  I have studs from studs and spikes and old denim that I want to hook up.


PS: If you have any suggestions please email me at


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