Tradeshow STYLE REcap pt. duex… ME

Quick photo OPs of me at thee VEGAS tradeshows who I met, hung out with, and etc. ENJOY

jacket/tee: VINTAGE pants:BORROWED headband/purse: H&M shoes: JEFFREY CAMPBELL

1. collected every mag and WWD there was to offer.

2. standing outside MAGIC talkin on NATs celly

3. Ouiji (of BKc) and I at CAPSULE

4. My pal @DerwinMcRoth and I at thee end of a long night of fun

Thee INFAMOUS PUMPS from thee cosmopolitan hotel

bra/clutch:DIY’d blazer/hat:BORROWED jeans:VINTAGE pumps:STEVE MADDEN


dress: XXI jacket: tights: HOUSE OF HARLOW shoes:PALLADIUM purse: VINTAGE



blazer/top/hat: BORROWED shorts: VINTAGE socks:XXI sneaks: JORDAN II



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