DIARY: me and MY GIRLfriends

top: BORROWED skirt:WET SEAL (i know) jacket: LEVIs sandal: COLONIAL MADNESS

While having a tough time with being HOMESICK and other things that has been clouding my mind my friend ASH came down to visit and we had a much needed GIRLFRIENDS weekend.  We kicked it tough, ate good, watched all of “OUR SHOWs”.  We even made it on time to a club lol.  All in all it was a great PICK ME up and a wonderful way to end a hectic week and begin a fresh ONE.

Here is what I captured…..


Ate FISH/SHRIMP Tacos, Kettle Corn, and fruit

Hung out with the PEOPLE of VENICE…

then we partied



Me (Sadite)

top and skirt: XXI shoes: JEFFEREY CAMPBELL clutch: GRANDMAs treasures

thee GIRLFRIENDs (missing a few)



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