I DIY’d it UPDATE!!!

Just wanted to update with the projects I started and completed January…

FIRST, my DIY (shoulder) CUT-OUT Shirt. I been seeing a lot of chics rocking these shirts and I wanted to create my own with a shirt that I picked out and with a color I love. So I used a Men’s RALPH LAUREN linen shirt to complete my DIY mission.

1. Make Circle stencils depending on how big you want your cut-outs to be.

2. Iron shirt and make sure to crease the shoulders.

3. Place and trace circle pattern on shirt and then cut out.

4.Iron edges INWARD and HEM around the circle. … then VOILA!!!

      MY DIY cut-out ralph lauren top

top: RALPH LAUREN (Vintage) tights: HOUSE OF HOLLAND sneaks: CONVERSE socks: XXI


I just took a top that I have been having for over 2 years and turned it into a skirt.  I thought “I am never going to ever wear this as a top because thee proportions were wrong” so why not make it into something I WOULD wear.  my DIY Pencil SKIRT

1. Sew up sleeves and push them INWARD.

2. Then, sew up thee outer parts of thee shoulders so thee skirt can remain in place and not so BULKY or you can always follow this YOUTUBE vid  I used…



skirt: DIY pumps: STEVE MADDEN


PS: More to come for FEBRUARY… A month of love, BLACK HISTORY, and gifting for a few of my friends birthdays.


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