Socks and Tights: XXI  Shoes: JC (Jay and I)

I have been begging my UNCLE DOUG to teach me how to DJ and I finally have had a taste of another CRAFT that I know I love and I am not even close to being GREAT.  Just the way music moves me and knowing that I can control a crowd of people gives me a rush.  I am learning on a PIONEER controller and using programs such as SERATO (ITCH) and VIRTUAL DJ.  I really want to learn on VINYL decks.

Since working at KMEL I now know that I want to add DJ to my resume.  I probably was too nervous to ask BIG VON or MIND MOTION to teach me but now I am ready and before I get to rock with them I want to learn thee basics from my UNC.  I have been inspired by DJs such as SOLANGE, AMY PHAMOUS, < MY Unc> DJ DOUGIE BROWN (of course), Flying LOTUS, BIG VON, DJ JACK, DREW BYRD, CHUCK INGLISH, and a few other DOPE ass DJs.

With DJing I think I just want to rock parties from time to time, SOME summer jawns (JAM SESSION at Jays SUMMER 12), and maybe dj gigs for weddings and such.  I am not saying that I am not open to making it a career but my learning intentions are just to KILL IT as a side gig.  I just want to rep and join forces with all thee STYLISH FEMALE DJs.


PS:SO far I am stuck with DJ HARLET but if YOU GUYS have any recommendations for a DJ name please let me know.

thee above PICTURE was taken LAST night… my friends and I went to HEMINGWAYs on Hollywood and Vine for LE NASTY’s NIOR FANCY takeover (He killed it).  We arrived, danced, and PARLAYED with some very FASHION Intuned MUTANTS and a bunch of COOL KIDS. Nights like this MAKE UP for the BAY AREA VOID in my life.


One thought on “DIARY: DJ HARLET!!!

  1. I wish you luck and hope all goes well for you. I too am an inspiring female Dj and i have no idea where to start. I just know i love the way music makes me feel and i am in love with moving crowds and making them happy.

    Good luck to you!

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