Been held up in thee month of FEBRUARY with DIY projects I wanted to complete. But I just haven’t gotten around to them or I didn’t finish them up.  BUT I promise to deliver by thee end of thee thee week.

BUT FIRST inspiration:

DOOR LOCK NECKLACE.  I am going to purchase a door lock from a hardware store and some chain links from DOWNTOWN LA’s Alley.  Add chain to thee mounting openings…voila!!

DISTRESSED DENIM JACKET.  I started this project and will report it once I finished but basically I cut the parts of the jacket that I wanted distressed and washed it.  via aPAIR & aSPAIR

EMBELLISHED VEST.  Will be picking up some cool embellishments beads and such to add to a vintage vest.  I also have a Letterman panel that I may sew on to thee jacket too.

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Tradeshow STYLE REcap pt. duex… ME

Quick photo OPs of me at thee VEGAS tradeshows who I met, hung out with, and etc. ENJOY

jacket/tee: VINTAGE pants:BORROWED headband/purse: H&M shoes: JEFFREY CAMPBELL

1. collected every mag and WWD there was to offer.

2. standing outside MAGIC talkin on NATs celly

3. Ouiji (of BKc) and I at CAPSULE

4. My pal @DerwinMcRoth and I at thee end of a long night of fun

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DIARY: me and MY GIRLfriends

top: BORROWED skirt:WET SEAL (i know) jacket: LEVIs sandal: COLONIAL MADNESS

While having a tough time with being HOMESICK and other things that has been clouding my mind my friend ASH came down to visit and we had a much needed GIRLFRIENDS weekend.  We kicked it tough, ate good, watched all of “OUR SHOWs”.  We even made it on time to a club lol.  All in all it was a great PICK ME up and a wonderful way to end a hectic week and begin a fresh ONE.

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Tradeshow STYLE REcap…pt 1

SINCE the tradeshows in LAS VEGAS and making it back to LOS ANGELES catching up with work, much needed SLEEP, and school I am finally back to THEE HIPPIE FILES.  I went to the tradeshows to represent for a online/print lifestyle MAGAZINE that I am working for called ILLSOCIETY which showcases the raw talents of LOS ANGELES in art, music, fashion, and photography.  ILLSOCIEY will soon be available in various locations all through CALIFORNIA early SUMMER.

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