DIARY: Daddy and I

FRIDAY I drove into thee BAY AREA, for a surprise that I will late explain in a future post.  I started at 6:30a and arrived to OAKLAND, CA at about 12:30p (Not a bad drive).  I stopped over by my father’s to see him since I hadn’t seen him since last year lol.  We had a good ol’ daddy daughter lunch date.  He cooked, as he does all the time (he’s a passionate CHEF),…we talked….and we watched recorded episodes of TOP CHEF Texas and thee NEW GIRL (Zooey Deschanel is a cute quirky GAL I may add) lol.

I do miss those days as a DADDYs GIRL (which I still am) but there comes a time when a girl grows into a WOMAN and you grow to appreciate thee time that you share inbetween busy schedule.

our meal

STUFFED Grilled Chicken Brest Broccoli w/ green tea

My father will be blogging about his food and posting things like recipes, photos of dishes, and short cooking shows.  I also looked thru a lot of his photos too and he let me take one of his original pieces of art….

Here is a couple of vintage pics of daddy and I….


P.S. hit up a different one of your family members every week they will always be happy to HEAR from you…….


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