hair FOOD!!!

After dropping off my BFF at LAX, I stopped by FOOD FOR LESS to pick up a few things to moisturize my scalp while I am rocking my HAIR in singles.  Just picked up some MAYO, Yogurt, HONEY, n Eggs.  Gonna whip it up with some OLIVE OIL and just work it into my scalp.

I mixed together:

~6 scoops of Mayonaise

~3 Eggs

~3 Tbsp of Olive Oil, Yogurt, and Honey


AFTER I blended these ingredients together I sprayed a little water on my scalp and worked the mix into my new growth with my finger tips (Use of nails will strip your scalp damaging your hair cuticles and my result in breakage/stunt hair growth). I then put a plastic CAP on for 30 minutes and later rinsed it out.




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