Sadite ARTWALK REcap

Thursday, January 12th marked the first DTLA ARTWALK of the YEAR and I along with my good friend Myisa ( Artist, Musician, and PHOTOGRAPHER chic) explored SPRING st and enjoyed an evening of art events, good beats, and great eats/drinks.  We started at THEE HIVE GALLERY viewing over 12 different artist and sipping on LAMBRUSCO and MOSCATO to get a sense of the artists vision and inspiration of the particular pieces on display.

……After THEE HIVE GALLERY we moved down S. SPRING STREET to thee “WHO’s ELMER?”event for thee homie ANDREW QUESADA of SPRING ’87 (in conjunction with VBPR). Andrew displayed his personal PHOTOGRAPHY while people poured in ELMER’s BARBERSHOP to eat BUZZ CAKES an sipped on SAPPORO beer.



STEEZy guys n sadite

We then ended our night with VEGGIE FRITTERs/ ROLLS, and CHICKEN Curry at BLOSSOM Vietnamese (426 S. Main St, DTLA)….

Myisa and I…. A bit blurry do to the ARTWALK MADNESS

most photos by Myisa visit her PHOTOGRAPHY blog at


PS: I am looking for a photographer… so bear with me


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