DIARY: LA Nightlife (photo ops)

PICTURE NIGHTCAPs from hanging with my friends around LA…

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DIY Stuffed Mac N Cheese

LAST NIGHT, I had a late but TASTY dinner with my girl Brittani.  To SAVE money we decided to cook.  I’ve been having a craving for very cheesy Mac n Cheese and also been into eating stuffed Mac N Cheese.  So without further a do. SADITE stuffed Mac N Cheesy….

Thee Ingredients:

For extra CHEESYness

2 cups Macaroni Noodles

1 cup Milk

1-3 Eggs (depending on servings)

1/2 cup Chicken Broth (your choice flavor)

1 bag Sharp Cheddar (your choice of cheese)

4 tbs. Butter (I am going to be moderate because I LOVE BUTTER)

3 tbs. Sour Cream, Nacho Cheese, and Cream Cheese, HOUSE SEASONING

2 tbs. Olive Oil

1 tsp. Minced Garlic

1 bundle Green Onions

1/2 bundle Spinach

4 Mushrooms

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Words can’t express how much I am obsessed with the UNIF HELLBOUND Bootie.  INSPI(red) by thee Charles Anasatase “dungeon boot” (also were the JC LITA derived from) thee HELLBOUND bootie has taken thee tea with THEE precise amount of chunk and edge.  If by thee time I can afford this boot and it is still a nifty size 8/8.5 somewhere SHE WILL BE IN MY SHOE CLOSET.

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DIARY: Daddy and I

FRIDAY I drove into thee BAY AREA, for a surprise that I will late explain in a future post.  I started at 6:30a and arrived to OAKLAND, CA at about 12:30p (Not a bad drive).  I stopped over by my father’s to see him since I hadn’t seen him since last year lol.  We had a good ol’ daddy daughter lunch date.  He cooked, as he does all the time (he’s a passionate CHEF),…we talked….and we watched recorded episodes of TOP CHEF Texas and thee NEW GIRL (Zooey Deschanel is a cute quirky GAL I may add) lol.

I do miss those days as a DADDYs GIRL (which I still am) but there comes a time when a girl grows into a WOMAN and you grow to appreciate thee time that you share inbetween busy schedule.

our meal

STUFFED Grilled Chicken Brest Broccoli w/ green tea

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hair FOOD!!!

After dropping off my BFF at LAX, I stopped by FOOD FOR LESS to pick up a few things to moisturize my scalp while I am rocking my HAIR in singles.  Just picked up some MAYO, Yogurt, HONEY, n Eggs.  Gonna whip it up with some OLIVE OIL and just work it into my scalp.

I mixed together:

~6 scoops of Mayonaise

~3 Eggs

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Sadite ARTWALK REcap

Thursday, January 12th marked the first DTLA ARTWALK of the YEAR and I along with my good friend Myisa ( Artist, Musician, and PHOTOGRAPHER chic) explored SPRING st and enjoyed an evening of art events, good beats, and great eats/drinks.  We started at THEE HIVE GALLERY viewing over 12 different artist and sipping on LAMBRUSCO and MOSCATO to get a sense of the artists vision and inspiration of the particular pieces on display.

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